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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Martha punches ~ I figured it out!

I've had a problem with some of my Marvy punches for a while. They won't punch out just right. Well I found out that if you turn them upside down on your work table and rock them slowly while pushing down they work. I've got to stand up to do it and put some pressure on them but it works. Really, try it.

Now Mom and I have both got some Martha Stewart punches. I always seem to grab mine and ruin a piece of paper before I remember that I cant use them. Oh sure, they are ok to use on thinner paper, but I always seem to want to use them on card stock ~ and they don't work. Til now, I've figured it out.

Take your "non-working" Martha punch and insert your paper like you would normally. Go ahead, use card stock. Now with some pressure - I was standing again for this - push down on the leaver but not on the end like you normally would. Push down where the arrow shows you. I used the palm of my hand. It worked! Now if you've got hand problems I would not recommend this, because you do have to use some pressure ~ as with any punch. But I stood up and used the palm of my hand and pushed. It worked. No getting the paper stuck or only part of it punching. It worked ~ see for yourself!
Now go grab your Martha punch and give it a try. There is a little effort to it, but it works!

As promised I will be back later with the stationary tutorial.

1 comment:

Munkeezmama said...

G'morning Joani, your mom's b'flys are very cute. I find that MS punches work better on cs than lightweight paper, but maybe I've been lucky with that. Thanks for the tips.