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Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Angel Company Discontined Product List

Just a quick post to let you know that The Angel Company has announced their discontinued product list. These are items that were in the last catty but are still available at a discounted price of 25% off the book's listed price.

All discontinued accessories on that list are being sold at 25% off the regular TAC™ retail rate. All sales of these items are limited to supply on hand and will be honored only while quantities last. Certain items have a very limited quantity available. All sales of discontinued accessories are final.

A0784 Miss Priss Fab Flowers
A079 Kissy Fit Anchorettes
A080 Kissy Fit Sassy Sequins
A84002 Coluzzle Nested Square
A84003 Coluzzle Nested Rectangle
A84004 Nested 90 Square
A84005 Wordsworth Blimp Alphabet
A84012 Coluzzle Swivel Knife
A84098 Large Nested Circle
A85297 Scoring Tool
A85298 Scoring Blade Refill
A85328 Coluzzle Nested File Folder
A91638 Pastel Flower Sequins
A91641 Pastel Round Sequins
A91642 Bright Round Sequins
A91669 Bright Flower Sequins
A91681 Bright Square Sequins
A91688 Bubblegum Paper Posies
A91689 Ladybug Paper Posies
A91690 Tangerine Paper Posies
A91691 Bumblebee Paper Posies
A91692 Limeade Paper Posies
A91693 Swimming Pool Paper Posies
A91698 Beetle Black Paper Posies
A9410 Oh Boy Multi Color Buttons
A9467 Tropical Multi Colored Buttons
C204 Fabric Dries Clear Glue
C205 Designer Dries Clear Glue
C218 Ultrafine Metal Tip
D1596 Metallic Pearls
D1600 Jewels Perfect Pearls
D431 Lg Square Chip
D434 Lg Circle Chip
D435 Lg Rectangle Chip
D54 Dark Staples
D55 Light Staples
D56 Metallic Staples
D78 Mega Rectangle Punch
D79 Giga Rectangle Punch
D80 Mega Shipping Tag
D81 Giga Shipping Tag
D82 Mega Merchandise Tag
D83 Giga Merchandise Tag
D880 Mini Square Tab
D881 Mini File Tab
D882 Mini Round Tab
D95 Jumbo Shipping Tag
D96 Jumbo Merchandise Tag
E101 Card Box & Cards
E202 Coffee Break Tin
F08 Silver Leafing Pen
F09 Gold Leafing Pen
F1 Tombow Glue Stick
F109 Diya Ring Book
F117 Sonia Purse
F156 Set One Memory Markers
F157 Set Two Memory Markers
F158 Set Three Memory Markers
F159 Set Four Memory Markers
F164 Black Memory Marker
F165 Brown Memory Marker
F166 Medium Gelly Roll
F169 White Gel Xtreme Pen
F18 Prismacolor 120 Pencil Set
F21 Cool Pastel Chalk Pencils
F22 Warm Chalk Pencils
F23 Assorted Chalk Pencils
F24 Neutral Chalk Pencils
F245 6” Metal Cork Backed Ruler
F246 Easy Grip Ruler
F303 Cutting Tool Set
F304 Mini Perforator Tool
F305 Mini Scoring Tool
F33 Pearlescent & Metallic Palettes
F357 Vellum Glue Dots
F37 Stargazers Watercolor Palette
F46 Classic Glaze Gelly Pens
F461 Silver Shadow Metallic Gel
F490 Corner Rounder Tonic Punch
F491 Arrow Head Tonic Punch
F492 Smile Tonic Punch
F500 Scrap-o-dex
F501 Scrap-o-dex Refill Pack
F509 Copper Tape
F510 Silver Tape
F917 Wild Berry Boot Loopy Brads
F918 Citrus Boot Loopy Brads
F919 Cotton Candy Boot Loopy Brads
F920 Earthy Boot Loopy Brads
F926 Black & White Ribbon Brads
F927 Primary Ribbon Brads
F928 Bright Ribbon Brads
F929 Pastels Ribbon Brads
F930 Pastel Princess Brads
F935 Wild Berry Lacing Brads
G304 6 x 9 Sheet Protectors
G532 Stamp Storage Board
G702 Paper Piercer
G711 12 x 12 Pink Emb Faux Leather
G722 6 x 6 Celery Album Linen
G724 6 x 6 Denim Album Linen
G726 6 x 6 Parfait Pink Album Linen
G727 6 x 6 Chocolate Linen Album
G728 20mm Posts
G729 40mm Posts
G731 6 x 6 Wildflower Album Linen
G747 12 x 12 Sheet Protectors
G748 6 x 6 Sheet Protectors
G749 9 x 9 Sheet Protectors
H106 5 x 7 Accordian Album Tin
K200 Chartreuse Half Moon Pockets
K201 Red Half Moon Pockets
K202 Beet Half Moon Pockets
K203 Khaki Half Moon Pockets
K204 Chocolate Half Moon Pockets
K300 Chartreuse Circle Seals
K301 Red Circle Seals
K302 Beet Circle Seals
K402 8.5 x 5.5 Brown Album
K403 6 x 6 Orange Album
K404 6 x 6 Blue Album
K405 6 x 6 Hot Pink Album
K406 8 x 8 Green Album
K407 6 x 6 Pink Album
K410 4 x 6 Recipe Card Dividers
K411 4 x 6 Recipe Box With Tabs
K413 Pewter Press Post Metal Alph
K501 8.5 x 5.5 Sheet Protectors
K502 6 x 6 Sheet Protectors
K503 8 x 8 Sheet Protectors
V100 Green 3 Cardstock
V101 Chartreuse 3 Cardstock
V102 Apple Green 1 Cardstock
V103 Apple Green 2 Cardstock
V104 Cobalt Cardstock
V105 Robin’s Egg 1 Cardstock
V106 Robin’s Egg 2 Cardstock
V108 Blue 1 Cardstock
V109 Blue 2 Cardstock
V110 Blue 3 Cardstock
V111 Periwinkle 2 Cardstock
V112 Raspberry 1 Cardstock
V113 Raspberry 2 Cardstock
V114 Plum 1 Cardstock
V115 Plum 3 Cardstock
V116 Wine Red 1 Cardstock
V117 Wine Red 2 Cardstock
V118 Red 1 Cardstock
V119 Blush Cardstock
V120 Harvest Orange 3 Cardstock
V121 Yellow 3 Cardstock
V122 Flora 1 Cardstock
V123 Flora 2 Cardstock
V124 Flora 3 Cardstock
V125 Ocean 1 Cardstock
V126 Ocean 2 Cardstock
V127 Purple 1 Cardstock
V128 Purple 2 Cardstock
V147 Black 8 x 8 Post Album Linen
V148 Red 8 x 8 Post Album Linen
V150 Navy 8 x 8 Post Album Linen
V154 8 x 8 Sheet Protectors
V501 Sweet & Sassy Note Pads
V803 Paper Taker
V817 Memory Purse
V903 Winterberry Paper Pad

• Quantities on all products are limited and subject
to change.
• All sales are final.

If you have any questions please contact me.

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