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Monday, July 27, 2009

I've slacked on posting this, shame on me.

One of my dear friends Bobbie from CA had sent me an e-mail a while back. It was a picture of her hubby and daughter. Bobbie's husband has been fighting cancer for quite a while. The picture is of him that was taken at their granddaughter's volley ball tournament after he walked for 4 days in the heat.
If you go to the page you will see that his daughter dedicated a page to him. This is what is says on the page:
"My Dad has been fighting bladder cancer for 16 years. He has also had colon and prostate cancer. He loves life and does what needs o be done to live. He is strong yet gentle. Smart but willing to learn. He is giving to all that need a hand. He is my Dad and I love him so."
Please if you can go visit his page at and if you can donate, even if it's a little. Cancer is such a bad thing, it seems to effect everyone. I hope and pray that someday they will find a cure.

1 comment:

Bobbie said...

Thank you Joani

Angel Hugs...Bobbie