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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Anyone interested?

Just doing some business...

I was sitting here thinking the other day (scary....) and I thought that TAC is having their double rewards program and most people don't have that $100.00 to spend all at once. My idea was what if you could only spend $50.00 and have the same benefits?

TAC™ Promos

If you would like to spend $50.00 I can match you up with someone else who would like to spend $50.00 and you can each have the benefits. You would each receive your Level A hostess set and also one 1/2 price item from the catty. That's anything in the catty at 1/2 price. Been waiting for a sale on that BIA or still have not got that scor-pal? Well, here ya go!

If you are interested let me know. I will keep track of everyone who would like to place a $50.00 order and still reap the benefits. What a great way to add to your stamp collection without having a full party.

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