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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Coupn holder?

I think that it was my last Stampers Group that I made these for. Isn't that awful. It was not that long ago. I so need to clean my camera out more often.
I wanted to make a little coupon holder for my purse. I am always tucking coupons in here and there in my purse, only to find them after they have expired. Well for my last stampers group I made these to send out to the ladies. And no, I didn't make one for myself ~ but it does not surprise me.
This is some of the little things that I do for my customers when they sign up for a Stampers group with me. Each "party" I make a little something to go with the order, it's my way of saying thanks!!
I do have a tutorial that I made up to make these, and I will post it tomorrow. Just a little sneek peek to keep you interested *Ü*
Have a great day!

1 comment:

Helen Dooley said...

This is cute! Hope your doing great!